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We proudly manufacture custom stainless steel products for essential industries. 

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Pharmaceutical Tanks and Product Contact Equipment require the utmost in metal surface integrity, corrosion resistance and inertness with contents.  SPS utilizes 316/316L SS materials and others (Hastelloy™, AXL6N™, Titanium) and weld construction techniques that facilitate both manual and CIP cleaning techniques, product drain ability, and by polishing surfaces, both mechanically and electropolished,  maintain the quality of the tank’s metal surface throughout.


Pharmaceutical Tank 1 - 1600L
Pharmaceutical Tank 2
Pharmaceutical Tank 3 - 50L
Pharmaceutical Tank 4 - Small
Pharmaceutical Tank 5
Pharmaceutical Tank 6 - 600L
Pharmaceutical Tank 7

SPS manufactures high quality 1, 3, 5, 7, 12 & 21 Round, Multi High ASME & Non-Code Filter Housings for the Biotech Industry. Filter Housings for Gas and Liquid applications can be customized as T-Style and In-Line with various I/O (tri-clamp, pipe) configurations, vent and drain valve styles, with industry standard Filter Sockets like Code  7 & 8 (e.g. 222, 226). 304 and 316 SS materials of construction and Closure Styles (Clamp, Swing bolts) along with various finishes are available.



multiround filter housing
7 round filter housing base
5 round filter housing base
multi round filter housing - with words


Vacuum Chambers are used in the manufacture of Semiconductor and Thin-Film Deposition technologies.  Drawing from its vast experience in pharmaceutical tank construction, SPS produces exceptional chambers with structural designs  to meet stringent performance requirements like ultra-high vacuum levels down to 1 x 10-9 cc He/min leak rates while simultaneously providing highly reflective surfaces for cleanliness, and minimal residual gas entrapment during pump down.  Both 304 and 316 SS materials along with a variety of feed-thru ports are available.

vacuum chamber
vacuum chamber 2
vacuum chamber 3


Aerospace tank applications require designs and materials that maintain the integrity of the structure (i.e. to be sufficiently robust to withstand their service environment), be inert (i.e. corrosion resistant) to tank contents, and maintain their pressure properties during multiple duty cycles that may operate at temperature extremes. SPS utilizes software like Compress™ to evaluate design details of ASME Section VIII, Div, 1 & 2 to meet their customer's tank requirements under a variety of operating conditions within the tank's duty cycle.

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Nutraceutical, Cosmetic and Food & Beverage companies often need very unique equipment designs for material handling of their product whether it’s gel-capsules, tablets, or viscous liquids.  SPS is well suited to listening to your needs and then designing and fabricating innovative portable designs to reduce handling costs from production to fill lines, or improving GMP cleaning operations both CIP & COP. Materials of construction are 304 and 316 SS.