ASME Certifications

Stainless Process Systems is an ASME Code facility able to provide pressure vessels and other equipment "U" stamped per Section VIII , Div 1 of ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel code and registered with the National Board for ultimate fabrication traceability.

NB Stamp
The National Board of Broiler and Pressure Vessel Inspection
R Stamp
National Board “R” Certificate of Authorization to apply the “R” Symbol to boilers and pressure vessels, as limited by the scope of the certificate, with all work conforming to the NATIONAL BOARD INSPECTION CODE. This certificate has been issued based upon the recommendation of the joint review team and the National Board.
U Stamp
The American Society of Mechanical Engineers

All stainless materials, insulation, welding rod, gaskets, and shielding gases are purchased from controlled domestic sources whenever possible or as specified by customer. 


A complete  turnover package is sent with all equipment which includes: design drawings, welder qualifications, hydrostatic testing results, material traceability and heat numbers, which are traceable to ASME, AWS, or ASTM specifications and finishing certifications. 


This is done as part of maintaining the highest level of manufacturing workmanship, and to comply with the complete manufacturing traceability of our customer's parts and/or equipment.


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