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SPS offers a variety of finishes and metal treatments on all of our fabricated products.




All SPS fabricated parts/equipment are passivated prior to leaving our facility and are certified to various industry standards: ASTM-A-380, ASTM-A-976, AMS QQ-P-35C, MiL-STD-5002, AMS 2700B. 


Passivation is a chemical treatment using either Nitric or Citric acid formulations that remove any "embedded" iron fines or particles placed on the surface by the fabrication process. Unless removed by passivation, these particles disrupt the continuity of naturally occurring oxide formed on the surface of stainless steel and other refractory alloys (Ti, Nb, Zr).  After passivation, the oxide surface layer can reform as a continuous layer based upon the metals's surface roughness and irregularities.




(10-15 Ra)


Provides a finish on the customer's equipment/part that has a "super corrosion resistant," chromium enriched passive surface with an oxide surface layer that is ~3x the thickness of the naturally formed layer produced by passivation alone. Electropolishing is certifed in accordance to ASTM-B-912 and other internal SPS standards.

Benefits of an Electropolished Surface Include:

Cosmetic Appeal


A thickened chromium oxide layer for enhanced passivity


Ultra cleanliness leaving a smooth, "pit-free" surface


Reduced mechanical stresses in upper metallic surface layers that are areas for subsequent corrosion pit formation


~3x the passive layer thickness

Super corrosion resistant

Glass bead blasting is the operation of forcibly propelling a stream of glass particles against a surface under high pressure to smooth a rough surface or remove surface contaminants. 

Provides the customer's equipment or part with a smooth, bright surface that's easily cleanable & pit free. Subsequent passivation removes any "embedded particles & fines" as a result of the fabrication process. Without removing the fines from the surface, the naturally occurring oxide layer might not form continuously on the surface thereby reducing the material's corrosion resistance.





(25-50 Ra)

The passivation process is performed after all bead blasting operations.

Bead blasting creates a uniform cleanable matte texture.

(25 Ra or less)

Satin Finishes are 35 Ra (150 Grit) surfaces that have excellent cosmetic appeal but do not show the effects of “staining” or “streaking” that may appear on mirror brite surfaces when they are cleaned with germicidal/sterilizing solutions. 


In addition, these finishes maybe be electropolished, if desired, to reduce surface roughness down to 25 Ra or better.




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